Hotmail is such an indispensable method of sending emails, especially for those of no fixed computer abode, that I’d wager its users range from hairy student to silver-haired ‘silver surfer’. 

I rely on it myself, but I must admit the brand is becoming a real turn-off. 

When I sign out of my Hotmail, the MSN UK homepage appears.  I’m then confronted by a headline and photo about a celebrity I’ve never heard of kissing another celebrity I’ve only vaguely heard about but have no reason to want to know better.  That’s MSN’s idea of the big news story of the moment.

Nestling in the headline list in the centre of the page might be a new government initiative.  But then it’s straight back to soap opera news and tittle tattle from the most inane end of the pop music spectrum

The most prominent ‘story’ as I write is a quote by Cheryl Cole (what has she achieved?) on The Queen – “… hair like candy floss” – with accompanying photo.

Among the ‘top stories from around the web’ are a French chocolatier creating a giant chocolate tree and something about an Australian drunk and a crocodile.

What on earth are Microsoft playing at?  Do they assume that everyone with a Hotmail account likes this kind of thing?  Maybe they have sophisticated marketing tools telling them that this is indeed the case.  If so, it pains me to conclude that the nation’s preferred news diet is a junk one.

Moan over.

msn branding