Easter is possibly the new Christmas, providing us with a relaxing festive break – without the grim trawl around the shops and Slade’s greatest (or only) hit assaulting our ears.

An excess of choice makes life head-hurtingly complicated: fortunately at Easter gift options are limited (more or less) to chocolate.

And it’s so much cheaper too, even when you’re purchasing for your most-loved one. Chocolate is affordable. What, you may say, about the high-end single estate cocoa products of boutique companies, the Fabergé eggs of the confectionary world? Well, those are must-haves for some, but it’s generally accepted that you don’t need to spend a great deal on anyone’s egg, and children at any rate are perfectly happy with anything Cadbury’s has to offer.

The weather at Easter is much better (yes, I know, I’ve ventured outside too – but usually). Daffodils have sprouted, birds are chirping away, and new-born lambs are staggering to their feet (or trying to escape from snow drifts). And the Easter weekend is neatly sandwiched (with chocolate in the middle, I guess) between the two Bank Holidays Good Friday and Monday. We are spared the never ending Yuletide, and the Twixtmas limbo period in particular (it’s difficult to get much done in an office if you get an out-of-office reply to every email).

And what about religion? If Christmas is all about a special birth, Easter arguably beats that with a powerful tale of sacrifice, death and rebirth. Even for those who prefer Play Stations to the Stations of the Cross, the essential message of Easter – egg equals birth, triumph of life over death, new hope and all that – is not hard to understand, and probably more appealing than a Cadbury’s Crème Egg.